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  • Date Posted: Jan 1, 2012
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Fern/Hahn/Vand/Vict Trail Loop - 127

“Fern/Hahn/Vand/Vict Trail Loop – 127”, originally uploaded by Cobber99 on Flickr and is part of the photo album linked to below.
Angela, Paul and Eric went out for a loop starting east on the Fern Canyon Trail, then taking a south easterly shortcut at the "Fern’s oasis" cache (by Cobber99). From there we met-up with the jct. of the Vandeventer and East Fork Loop trails and headed east up the Hahn Buena Vista Trail, turned around and then went back west along the Vandeventer Trail. We then finished by heading north along the Victor Trail.

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  1. Your elevation map says it all. What a great hike!

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