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  • Date Posted: Dec 11, 2011
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Dry Oasis

“Dry Oasis”, originally uploaded by me (Cobber99) on Flickr and is part of the photo album linked to below.

From: Hiking in Palm Springs:

( actual length of Fern Canyon is 4 miles, but you have to hike on either the Palm Canyon Trail or the Wildhorse Trail to reach it… )

To reach this trail, follow the directions for the Garstin Trail ( or you can reach it from the Palm Canyon Trail… ). Once on the Garstin, proceed up the Garstin Trail for about 2 miles and follow the sign for the Wildhorse/Berns/Shannon trails. Shortly you will come to a Y in the trail, keep right until you reach the trailhead sign for the Fern Canyon/Vandeventer/Hahn-Buena Vista/Palm Canyon trails. Just keep following the Trailhead signs until you reach the Fern Canyon Trail. The trail will lead you to a beautiful plateau, which is noted for beautiful wildflowers in the spring time. Follow the trail towards Palm Canyon, and you will be rewarded with a lush palm oasis at the foot of a giant boulder, covered with dripping water and gorgeous ferns. From here you can either backtrack the way you came, or continue into Palm Canyon and the Indian trading post as we did.


  1. what camera did you use? the worst of all hiking trails, but one of the best photographs! nice

    • I was using a Canon Powershot G2 at the time. The original is here.

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