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  • Date Posted: Mar 31, 2007
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Murray Hill from the NW

“Murray Hill from the NW”, originally uploaded by Cobber99 on Flickr and is part of the photo album linked to below.

This loop has a few variations at it’s lower altitudes, but only one route to the top of Murray Hill. Murray Hill boasts a spectacular 360 degree view of the Coachella Valley and Little San Bernardino Mountains. The Clara Burgess Trail is the sole route to the top. Variations to Clara include the Wildhorse Trail (west), the Fern Canyon Trail (north) and at the top of Eagle Canyon Trail (south).

In my hike, I took various Goat Trails to Eagle Canyon Trail, then up Clara Burgess and over and down on Wildhorse Trail, looping back on Goat Trails.


  1. take plenty of water

  2. 1 hour 10 min up . hike and bike . 30 min down

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