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  • Date Posted: Dec 7, 2011
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Facing SE where Indian Potrero meets Palm Canyon Trail - south end

“Facing SE where Indian Potrero meets Palm Canyon Trail – south end”, originally uploaded by Cobber99 on Flickr and is part of the photo album linked to below.

Some of this text is from Hiking in Palm Springs:

Length: up to 15 miles (if you hike all the way south to Pinon Pines) one way. Ryan and I did 15 miles via a 7.5 hike and then back again so technically, if you doubled back the entire route, you would be looking at 30 miles.

After walking down the paved trail that leads from the Trading Post, continue to the right up into the canyon. You will be treated to abundant groves of Palm Trees and other desert vegetation, as well as many different types of desert wildlife. Continue hiking upstream for about 1/2 mile where you will cross over the streambed and head up the left side of the canyon. After about another 1/4 of a mile you will come to an intersection. To continue further up the Palm Canyon Trail turn right and cross over the creek. Here you will begin to climb above the oasis. If you are prepared and willing, you can continue up this trail for 15 miles where it intersects Highway 74 south of Pinon Pines. However, don’t try this unless you are in extremely good shape and have proper provisions.

If you are not into hiking the full 15 miles to Pinon Pines, Palm Canyon offers many other trails that will give the hiker beautiful views of the oasis, waterfalls, and the beautiful rugged San Jacinto mountains, and the Santa Rosa mountains in the distance. Some of the favorite destinations in Palm Canyon include ” Lost Paradise “, and “Bullseye Rock”.

Ryan and I hiked the Palm Canyon Trail to the Dry Wash Creek and then took the Indian Potrero Trail which travels to the west of the Palm Canyon trail and through some beautiful valleys! It meets with the Palm Canyon Trail again at it’s south end and this is where we then turned back north and followed the Palm Canyon all the way back. Whew!

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